On Thursday, 18th March from 6-8pm, Watermans Legal will be hosting an Online Seminar about the Cladding Crisis in Scotland and we would like to invite you along.

The online event will take place virtually over Zoom, starting at 6pm and we will be joined by our panel of industry experts who will cover a wide range of topics associated with the Cladding Crisis in Scotland, such as:

  • EWS1 Forms
  • Home Report Surveys and the updated RICS Guidance for Surveyors with buildings that may require an EWS1 Form
  • Selling a Property that has cladding or requires an EWS1 Form
  • Buying a Property that has cladding or requires an EWS1 Form
  • Re-Mortgaging a property that has cladding or requires an EWS1 Form

Things we will be covering at this event:

  • What is “Cladding” and how do I know if the property I own is affected by cladding?
  • What is an EWS1 form and how do I get one?
  • Can I sell my property if the building has cladding? What do I need to do to sell?
  • I’m interested to buy a property in Scotland, but the Home Report Survey says that there’s cladding or recommends that an EWS1 form is required – is it okay or safe for me to buy a property with cladding?
  • I need to re-mortgage my property – either because my current mortgage is about to expire or because I want to release equity – what are my options if my building has cladding or needs an EWS1 Form?

Cladding Event Speakers:

Shawn Wood – Solicitor at Watermans Legal 


Shawn will talk through the purchase side of the process, acting for buyers who are interested in a property that has cladding or has had it noted in the HR about requiring an EWS1 form.

Tzana Webster – Head of Property Sales at Watermans Legal


Tzana will be speaking about the sale side of the process, acting for property owners who have a property that they need or want to sell which has cladding or external additions which are noted on the HR as requiring an EWS1 form.

Mike Horne – Partner at J&E Shepherd Chartered Surveyors and Residential Surveyor

LinkedInMike will discuss Home Report Surveys and the RICS guidance and information (there will soon be some changes brought in place in the next few days) relating to Home Report Surveys and Valuation Reports for lenders which note EWS1 requirements because of cladding or external additions. He’ll talk about when they first started to put £nil value on HR surveys & valuation reports & why they categorise the notes on main walls, external additions and matters for a conveyancing solicitor on the HR survey.

Paul Nelis – MiFireE MIFPO of Fire Risk Assessment (Scotland) Ltd

LinkedInPaul is a qualified provider of EWS1 forms. He’ll talk us through his services and what he can do. Paul is only qualified for EWS1 forms and getting lending on A rating properties. He’ll likely touch-base on the B-rating properties and give information on this for his services.

Mark Wallace – Director of M&W Mortgages

LinkedInMark will speak about acting for buyers wanting to purchase a property that requires an EWS1 form & giving information on what he needs from buyers who want to purchase these types of properties & also about re-mortgage options for current owners of properties which require EWS1 forms.

To reserve your space at the Watermans Legal Virtual Cladding Crisis Seminar, complete the registration form below and we will send you the Zoom link.

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If you answer YES to any of these questions below – Watermans Legal are here to help!

  • What exactly is cladding and how do I know if the property I own is affected by it?
  • Can I sell my property if the building has cladding?
  • I am looking to Buy a Property: Is it okay for me to buy a property which has cladding or a property that needs an EWS1 form?
  • What is an EWS1 Form & how do I get one?
  • I need to re-mortgage my property, but the building has cladding – what do I do?

 Click here to find out more about Cladding & EWS1 Forms.

Have more questions?

Get in touch with the Watermans Legal Team: 0131 467 5566 | [email protected]nslegal.co.uk



  1. r. abbott on March 9, 2021 at 5:08 pm

    why does each property require a eperate form @ approx £3000, when the whole block has the same cladding. Why can’t one certificate cover the entire development?

    • Tzana Webster on March 10, 2021 at 10:04 pm

      Hi Rosemary –

      Here in Scotland, the properties are owned on a freehold basis, meaning that the communal reports for each block are not applicable for the EWS1 Forms. There are instances within modern developments across Scotland have had specialist reports commissioned for the entire development (this requires approval from all property owners and can be very difficult to obtain), which could allow for individual EWS1 Forms to be commissioned by a homeowner at a discounted cost. We would recommend that you speak with your Factor or Management Company to ask if this is an option for you / your development.

      We would also encourage you to join us on Thursday evening, as this topic will be brought up during the presentation.

  2. Catherine whiting on March 9, 2021 at 7:20 pm

    I am waiting to sell . Confused with EWS1 .I was lead to believe that Paul Nelis can’t do EWS1 .I have a e mail stating this . I want to know why I need a EWS1 when my building is 99.9 % safe . I’m not prepared to spend £3000 without a guarantee of a sale . Can you help

    • Tzana Webster on March 10, 2021 at 9:58 pm

      Hi Catherine – thank you very much for your message.

      You are welcome to contact the Watermans Legal Sales Team on 0131 467 5566 | [email protected] to discuss your property sale requirements and circumstances further. We would be happy to help.

      The cost of the EWS1 Forms vary depending on the specialist that you instruct and it is your choice on who you decide to use. Our Cladding Seminar will be covering the Sale Process and what options sellers have to market their property for sale when the Home Report Survey identifies that an EWS1 Form is required, as well as other aspects associated with EWS1 Forms. If you haven’t done so already, please do register your details for a space at our Online Seminar next Thursday.

  3. Edward Ojak on March 12, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    How does one get their Factors to acknowledge their responsibility, and liaise with the original developers over the replacement of combustible cladding materials (timber) where an EWS1 Form cannot be obtained.

    • Tzana Webster on March 12, 2021 at 7:36 pm

      Hi Edward – thank you for your comment. This is, indeed, a difficult position to be in. In Scotland, the Factors or the Management Company of a development (or block) act as agents on behalf of the property owners. Therefore, in order for them to take action, they will require the owner’s approval / instructions to do so. We would encourage you to get in touch with your Residents Association to ask that they raise this point at the next owners meeting and with enough support, the residents association could instruct the Factors to take action on your behalf. We would also recommend that you reach out to your local Councillor and/ or MSP to voice your concerns further, as they do want to hear from you and to know of any problems that have arisen as a result of the Cladding Crisis. Good luck & we hope to have you along next week at our Online Seminar.

  4. Catherine whiting on March 18, 2021 at 6:49 pm

    I thought I had registered for tonight’s seminar . I’m so mad I have missed this . Is it possible for you send me important details that could help me . Thank you

    • Tzana Webster on March 20, 2021 at 6:31 am

      Hi Catherine – yes, we will send this to you just now. It will include the YouTube link to view it again, as well as all of the slides from the presentation. All the best.

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