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Watermans Legal are there to help you navigate through the minefield of family law that often comes with the breakdown of relationships. If you are separating from your partner, there are some important decisions to be made and our team of qualified family solicitors can ensure you take the right path.

Prior to seeking a divorce, an agreement must be reached in regard to things like the division of assets and contact arrangements for children. Divorce is often dealt with afterwards. In addition where couples are not married or in a civil partnership it is still important to seek advice in regards to your rights when your relationship has broken down. For unmarried couples there are strict time limits so these matters must be addressed timeously.

Divorce is the term used for the legal dissolution of a marriage or civil partnership between two people. Every situation is different and in some cases, obtaining a divorce may be a relatively quick and straightforward process in legal terms at least. Other cases, particularly where there are children involved, may be more complex. It is important to seek legal advice to know your rights and options when you make the decision to bring a relationship to an end. Contact us to discuss matters further.

When a couple separate it is always preferable if they can reach an agreement in regard to where their children live. When this can be achieved an agreement can be entered into. Where this isn’t possible the court may need to decide on what is in the best interests of the child. Likewise, when an agreement is not kept by either party, a court action may be required. Our experienced family law team can assist in all of these scenarios.

One of the most important questions to consider when a relationship breaks down is how assets and liabilities will be divided. This can include the division of the family home, pensions, savings and other assets. We make sure that each asset is properly valued and included in the settlement even in circumstances when a spouse or partner attempts to hide assets. We can act on your behalf to negotiate settlement terms and provide representation in the Family Law Courts when needed.

For many people, the pension may be one of the most valuable assets, after the family home. Whilst pension valuation may not be on your mind when you separate, it is an important matrimonial asset that needs to consider for any divorce and dissolution of civil partnership purposes. There are several ways to split the pension on divorce or dissolution of civil partnership, so it’s worth understanding your options before deciding what’s best for you.

One of the biggest financial decisions that divorcing couples must face is what happens to the family home. Of all the problems in separation and divorce sorting out what to do with the family home causes the most anxiety. The house cannot be looked at alone. It is part of the whole assets and must be listed, valued and fairly divided.

Since the introduction of the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 it has been possible for cohabitants to make financial claims against each other when their relationship breaks down. Although the cohabiting couple continues to be the fastest growing family type in the UK, many couples remain unaware of their rights when their relationship breaks down.

International divorce is when you apply for a divorce in a country other than where you are living or where your permanent home is.


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