So you want a divorce? Here’s what you need to know.

Many of us start a new year by resolving to tackle the unpleasant jobs we were putting off from the…

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Exterior 004

Property of the Month: 25i Mingarry Street, Glasgow

This trendy, art deco home could be your next property purchase! Offers Over £190,000 | Home Report Value £220,000 Located…

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Probate Estate Administration

Why Write a Will Now?

It’s National Will Month! Watermans Legal wants to raise awareness on the importance of having an up to date Will.…

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Britney on Red Carpet

Britney Spears: How Conservatorships affect marriage

Guardianship/Conservatorships and how they affect marriage: Thanks to Britney Spears, many people round the world who would never have heard…

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pexels photo 3985170

Vaccinating Our Teenagers: What if we can’t agree?

There’s been a lot of controversy about whether those aged 12-15 should receive the COVID-19 vaccine. However, a specific issue…

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Family Home

Divorce: Why Do You Need a Solicitor?

Divorce is a massive life adjustment for everyone involved. It means changes to your finances, your home, and the arrangements…

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Moving Beyond Level 0: An Update on Viewings

The Scottish Government recently announced that Scotland will be moving beyond Level O, which will have a positive impact on…

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Christmas Father Kids 1

Separated parents? Don’t wait until December to sort out your kids’ Christmas

As summer holidays draw to a close, it may be worth thinking ahead for Christmas if you’re a separated parent.…

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Window Card Family Homes

FREE Property Viewings

When selling your property, choose a Solicitor Estate Agents that puts your family first. Here, at Watermans Legal, our expert…

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head of Family Law

New Head of Family Law: Dianne Millen

Watermans Legal are delighted to announce the appointment of Dianne Millen to the role of Head of Family Law. The…

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confirmation forms

Tips for Winding up an Estate

Winding up an Estate is the distribution of a loved one’s assets after they have passed. Watermans Legal understand that…

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Downsizing After Retirement

When many reach their retirement age, some may look to downsize their current home for various reasons. Selling your current…

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