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For any property sale, viewings are an essential part of the process. Watermans Legal is delighted to offer all our residential property sales clients 360* Virtual Video Tours as part of our innovative marketing package!  

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Estate Egency – Virtual Viewings

360* Virtual Video Tours – the new way to experience property.

The 360* Virtual Video Tours are fully-compatible and viewable on any computers, tablets, smartphones, and even virtual reality headsets, offering viewings ON DEMAND at just the click of a button!

This innovative property technology allows property buyers to immerse themselves with a virtual walk-through of any property for sale with Watermans Legal at a time that suits them - 24 hours a day | 7 days a week |365 days a year.  All from the comfort of their own home - wherever that may be in the world.  Easily go from room to room of your dream home with our 360* Virtual Video Tours.

By creating a comprehensive 360* Virtual Video Tour, Watermans Legal can make your property more accessible to buyers all across the world. Our aim is to increase your property’s visibility and viewing potential in order to generate more interest and to secure the best offer with our proactive marketing strategy.

No additional software or equipment

is required to view the 360* Virtual Video Tours.

Simply click on the 360* Virtual Video Tour link and away we go!

For Sellers

  • Say YES to all viewing requests, no matter the time of day with your own 360* Virtual Video Tour to ensure you get the best offer on your property for sale.  Getting the buyers in to view your property when it’s convenient for them, means that you won’t ever miss out on a viewing, again!
  • The 360* Virtual Video Tours created by Watermans Legal is accessible to any interested property buyer from anywhere in the world.  The 360* Virtual Video Tour allows property buyers to view your property for sale from the comfort of their own home at any time - day or night, using their own smartphone, computer, tablet, or virtual reality headset.
  • Creating your property’s 360* Virtual Tour is also very convenient. It takes approximately 20-45 minutes for the Watermans Legal property team member to photograph your property and the appointment can be arranged for a date and time that is convenient for you.  We will have the final working link to your property’s 360* Virtual Video Tour within 48-hours of our visit so you can view the tour as soon as the link is published.

For Buyers 

Finding your dream home no longer means spending every weekend going from property viewing to property viewing, thanks to the newest Watermans Legal marketing product: 360* Virtual Video Tours.

  • You can now view your dream home without ever having to leave the comfort and safety of your own property!
  • Maintain full control while viewing your dream home – go from room to room, upstairs and downstairs, and entering in and exiting the outdoor space and balconies as you please.  All while using your own smartphone, computer, tablet, or virtual reality headset.
  • Viewing properties for sale with 360* Virtual Video Tours also saves you time! Seeing the property first using the 360* Virtual Video Tour means that you only need to view properties that you are genuinely interested in, which meet all of your criteria.  This allows you to effectively manage your schedule and prioritise the properties you are most interested in, rather than cramming all the viewings in for such a short space of time.

How it is created

At Watermans Legal, we use the latest sophisticated camera technology to create a comprehensive walk-through virtual tour of your property for sale, showing all 360* of your home and outdoor space.

A member of the Watermans Legal Team would arrange a visit to your home to take photographs of each room.  We later stitch these photographs together to create the 360* Virtual Video Tour. Our visit takes approximately 20-45 minutes and our aim is to have the full 360* Virtual Video Tour available for you to view within 48-hours of our visit. The 360* Virtual Video Tour will be uploaded with your property’s online marketing and will be available on all property web portals that Watermans Legal advertise on.

Why Use 360* Virtual Video Tour

A 360* Virtual Video Tour is created just once, at the outset, and it is a “viewing ready” online link - meaning it’s available immediately.  This allows viewers the chance to see your property for sale at their convenience: 24-hours a day | 7 days a week | 365 days a year.

How do you prepare for 360* Virtual Tour?

The average 360* Virtual Video Tour takes around 20-45 minutes to create.  Before the visit, the property needs to be prepared as if you have a viewing taking place. Our cameras take a photo of each room - all 360* degrees of the room, so it is important that your property is clear of clutter and to tidy as much as possible.  Ideally, there should be no guests or pets when the filming is taking place.

We are happy to provide some helpful tips in advance CLICK HERE.

The full 360* experience

The 360* Virtual Video Tour is an interactive walk-through video of each room and space, enabling property buyers to fully explore a property that is available for sale without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes, wherever they may be in the world.  Entering and exiting rooms, going up and downstairs, and entering outdoor spaces such as gardens and balconies, whenever they want.  The 360* Virtual Video Tour can be viewed on any digital smart device and through 3D virtual reality headsets, for a more immersive experience.

For more information, or to book your 360* Virtual Video Tour with Watermans Legal, click HERE.


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