Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreements

What is a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement is a contract used as a way to mutually terminate your employment. A settlement agreement can be used to bring your employment to an end in circumstances where you might have a claim against your employer,  where the working relation has broken down severely, or where you are being made redundant.

Working relationships are not always harmonious and sometimes it is necessary for the employer and the employee to part ways. Watermans Legal can help you negotiate a settlement that avoids the uncertainty of taking your case to an employment tribunal.

A settlement agreement might be appropriate where you have faced discrimination at work, or where there has been a severe breach of trust and confidence in circumstance which you would consider resigning from.

The settlement agreement will be a contract in writing which you and your employer will sign.

What does the settlement cover?

As part of the settlement, you can ask for financial compensation and a reference. Settlement can vary and will depend on your length of service, the facts of any legal claim that you could pursue and any employment benefits that you might be losing. In exchange for this, you will agree not to pursue any legal claims that you might otherwise have had against the employer. You might also be asked to withdraw any grievance that you had raised against your employer.   

The settlement agreement will be a contract in writing which you and your employer will sign.

How we can help you

At Watermans Solicitors, we understand that deciding to terminate your employment is a huge decision and not one that should be taken lightly. Our employment law experts can provide a free assessment and advise on any potential claims that you might have and use this to negotiate a settlement agreement with your employer. We can offer to do this for a fixed fee.  Your employer will normally pay a contribution towards your legal fees and we will deduct this from any fee that we agree with you.

I have already been given a settlement agreement, what happens now?

Watermans can provide legal advice on the agreement that you have been offered. In order for you to get paid the settlement sum, you need to have received legal advice from a Solicitor, who will sign off the settlement agreement. We can provide advice on the terms offered and recommend any changes that would benefit you. Your employer will normally pay our fee and provided that the settlement is not complex, we won’t charge you anything. Contact us today to find out more.